9 More true predictions from Tanya

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6 min readMay 12, 2022

If you read my blog post last Thursday, you will know that I have bagged myself a new job.

You may also remember that a couple of weeks ago, I posted about a prediction in a Tarot reading I had in January which came true.

Tanya had also predicted my new job, so as I started to write this post, I referred back to the reading and found that there were actually more correct predictions and things that now made sense.

  1. The high priestess card, which is all about learning about yourself, self exploration, self trust and learning lessons. I am aware of my triggers and should choose wisely which road to take.

I have recently had a bit of an epiphany, about something that triggers me. Its pretty huge actually and something I am going to write an article about. Its something that for some reason has finally clicked and realisation has hit me, even though its been staring me in the face for some time. I now have this much more under control and am extremely aware of this and feel better equipped to control it.

2. The Hierophant card and the Sun card. These are all about consistent routine to do the right thing, feeding our body, mind & soul will bring us the results we need. She feels that something has shifted, this is really strong at the moment and I am in the right gear.

Not long after my Tarot reading, I used my decision making wheel to pick a book to read and started reading the Miracle Morning and as I mentioned in last weeks newsletter, this has been a complete game changer for me. Having my consistent morning routine has given me results I did not believe was truly possible before.

3. The destiny card, meaning I am entering a new chapter of my life. Its not necessarily a change of job/house etc, it is to do with myself and how I feel.

At the end of February, I turned our spare room into a writing room, which I named My Sanctuary , if I am home, I spend time in there everyday, writing, planning, meditating, reading and completing my journals. Since having the sanctuary, I started a weekly newsletter on substack and joined the medium partnership program. My confidence in my writing has soared, as has my focus on self care.

4. The wisdom card, Tanya says I may want to start talking about my experiences, getting it out there is very therapeutic for me as well.

Clare - This Is Still Me♥️

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