A Tipping Point? Or Turning Point?

Clare - This Is Still Me♥️
2 min readNov 27, 2022

What a week.

I’ve spent most of it feeling like I just want to hide under the covers, away from the rest of the world.

For a while now, I have been trying to wear many hats and do many different things each day. I knew something would have to give eventually and I was hoping that somehow, I could get myself organised in such a way that it would all sort itself out.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case and I had to seriously consider what I was doing on a daily basis. I have had to weigh up where and how I spend my time and try and make some space for rest and downtime, something I seem to find difficult.

This blog page seems like the obvious choice as the first thing to be removed from my life as it takes up a lot of time and does not provide any income, but it’s something I enjoy way too much to give up.

So I decided to send out another survey. I want to find out exactly what people enjoy reading from me and how often they would like to see my posts.

In answering this survey, you will help me decide what stays and what goes and just how much time I need to be putting in.

I won’t be closing the survey, so it can be completed any time and I will be re-posting the link throughout the next few weeks.

What you see from me over the coming weeks will depend on the results. ❤️

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