Birthday Celebrations, Getting Hacked & A Breakfast Catch Up

Clare - This Is Still Me♥️
3 min readFeb 11, 2023

The ankle really put a spanner in the works for my outfit for Saturday night.

I had really been looking forward to wearing a nice pair of heels, but there was no way my swollen, bruised foot was going to allow it.

Instead, I opted for some flat black knee-high boots, there was no point getting annoyed about it, it is what it is.

The husband and I picked up our friends in a cab and went to the bestie’s house for pre-drinks. No one apart from the bestie’s husband and our other friend knew where we were going and we were going in style.

We had a party bus taking 8 of us, with another 4 people meeting us there. We spent the journey drinking cocktails and prosecco, listening to music and laughing, the laughter continued throughout the night.

We had a private dining room at Pollen Street Social. The food and drink were delicious, we ate, drank, sang and danced our way through the evening, before the restaurant closed. We, of course, wanted more, so we went on to Little Italy in Soho to continue the fun, before that too closed and we had to battle with the rest of the revellers in Central London to get a taxi home.

On Sunday, I spent the day lazing around. My energy levels were zero and I just wanted to watch and eat crap, so I did.

Monday came and so did more pain in my foot. The alcohol had clearly numbed the pain on Saturday and I probably spent a bit more time…



Clare - This Is Still Me♥️

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