Education, Confusion and Questioning Everything I Know All At Once

A Little update from me


I’ve been writing about all these things I have been putting in place such as cycle syncing & my BBL facial and I haven’t given an update on how it’s going.

My BBL facial has also made a real difference after a few weeks, my chin still hasn’t returned to its former flabby self, so I am really pleased with that.

I have found the cycle syncing interesting and am starting to grasp when I’m feeling more sociable and friendly during the month and when I want to lock myself away at home with a massive bar of dairy milk.

I’ve discovered a delicious overnight oats recipe from BBC GoodFood, I add my seeds according to the cycle syncing booklet and I have that most mornings when I get back from my walk.

I was listening to the Diary of a CEO podcast, and the man being interviewed said that he finds joy in the mundane and I really understood that. Some of my most joyful moments are being at home with the husband and Toby, catching up with my girls, chatting on the family WhatsApp or even just sitting in my sanctuary typing away and listening to my podcasts.

I am enjoying learning at the moment, especially about my body and with menopause knocking at my door, I think it’s really important. I’ve also realised that unlearning is equally important. I am trying to unlearn bad habits, unhelpful thoughts and negative mindsets that have crept in over the years.

For example, I feel like everything I have heard about dieting and weight loss is now coming into question.

There is so much conflicting information out there, and I’ve now been reading that calorie counting isn’t as effective for women as they get older and the focus should be on eating more whole foods and avoiding processed foods.

I also learned that a stick of celery is 6 calories and cooked celery is 30 calories so what’s the bloody point in counting them if you don’t even know the right number?!

I went back to my counselling sessions, after having a few weeks off. We spoke about how things were going, I felt like things have been plodding along quite nicely when she said something that hit home.

We were talking about my business and I told her about my imposter syndrome, how I dealt with a client call and how I am happy with the way things are…



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