From Reading to Reality: How My 5-Minute Tarot Reading Predicted Success

Clare - This Is Still Me♥️
4 min readOct 31, 2023

Earlier this year, Tanya began offering a 5-minute tarot reading subscription, so I thought, what better time than around Halloween to start sharing some of my readings with you?

The Reading

My first reading was at the end of May. Tanya told me that she was getting a work vibe. The structure/foundation that I have been wanting to build over the last few years feels like it’s coming to fruition. Anything that I have been procrastinating over or feel that hasn’t been moving fast enough is now looking firm.

It feels as if I am getting more connections or people who want to invest in me and it looks like whatever seeds I’ve sewn for this is going to bear fruit.

There is a lot of growth around me and something is changing or turning. I am putting the right things in place and my energy is ready for it.

Even if I haven’t got the clients I want yet, I have the right energy and am more confident and on top of my game than I have been. She told me I would be connecting to my past, and there would be some online to-ing and fro-ing, but it will be a grower, but I have to be patient.

This connection will have a familiar energy, but eventually, it feels like I am going to end with that and move on to something else as this is a stepping stone, but it won’t be just yet. Continue with it for now but eventually, it won’t serve me the way I need and I will move away, but not yet. There is abundance there.

The Reality

As I listened to this reading again and noted it down for this blog post, I realised that it was like reading a blueprint of what happened over the months that followed.

I had been feeling frustrated about my lack of new clients back then, and I was panicking about it. But I had been putting a lot of new things into place and was spending a lot of time working on my business website and social media but I hadn’t been seeing much progress and if I am honest, I was losing hope.

A couple of weeks later, whilst I was on holiday, I set some business goals and sat down to think about what I wanted. I even applied for some part-time jobs in the industry. I felt confident, bold and inspired — I even wrote about it in this post.

Four weeks after my reading, someone messaged me on LinkedIn about doing some work for them. The…



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