My Second Stormy Week On Holiday — An Irish Bar & A Visit To SeaWorld

I didn’t know Florida was the lightening capital!

Clare - This Is Still Me♥️


Last Thursday, I spent an enjoyable day relaxing around the pool reading my latest book Hostage by Clare Macintosh. Probably not the best book to be reading when I have a 9-hour flight ahead of me next week but oh well. It was very good.

In the evening, we had booked a Japanese tepanyaki restaurant for dinner and were heading to an Irish bar for drinks before. We do love an Irish bar and manage to find one on almost every holiday, it’s only a matter of time before Cuba and the Maldives get one!

After a delicious dinner, we headed back to Murphy’s bar and I was by now drunk enough to partake in some karaoke, I was shortly followed by a former pop idol & ex-factor applicant sterling, so if at any point, I had thought my singing was passable, I didn’t after that!

The following day, I felt so ill! Was this food poisoning or just a hangover? I hadn’t drunk that much, no more than I had drank the weekend before I went away.

I spent most of the morning feeling like I was on one of the rides I’d been on. The husband brought me a cup of tea (I packed some earl grey in my case) a belvita biscuit and a big pint of water I sat there and recovered whilst watching the first two Twilight films. In the afternoon, the husband headed over to Universal City Walk with the oldest boy to watch a football match in the sports bar, me and the youngest took our time getting ready, meeting them for the second half.

I decided to try hot fudge Sunday, suddenly hungry after all the queasiness. After I finished I saw a face I recognised entering the bar. Omg, it was Rob Beckett! Actual Rob Beckett.

I muttered to husband “ohmygoditsrobbeckettimnotevenjoking” why I needed to say it quite like that I’m not sure, but I did.

He was with his wife and daughters so I didn’t go over and ask for a picture or anything, also I was nowhere near drunk enough to make a tit of myself like I did when I saw poor Lee Evans out one night 🤦🏻‍♀️

Still overcome with feeling dizzy & sick I head back to the hotel and leave the boys to enjoy the ride.

On Saturday I woke up feeling better, I take myself down to the pool ready to spend a day in the sun, but the Florida weather had other ideas.



Clare - This Is Still Me♥️

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